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Make this Thanksgiving… A Cut Above

posted by Kirbie's Meats and Catering


After 26 Years in the butcher shop and specialty foods biz,
Kirbie’s Meats and Catering has become renowned for offering
products and services that are a cut above mass grocery merchants.

Frozen turkeys are for the birds. At Kirbie’s Meats and Catering in Stow, the Burns family offers genuine customer service and the choicest cuts of Ohio-grown meats available. Find out why their freshly roasted turkeys will grace hundreds of family tables this Thanksgiving-and how you can order one, too.

Article written by Beth Newcomb

“There’s more to our shop than ‘meats’ the eye,” Kris Burns likes to joke. Kris, along with his father, Kirbie Burns, owns Kirbie’s Meats and Catering in Stow. Is it possible that a family-owned butcher shop can become a true legend in this world of mega-marts? You bet. And it’s got nothing to do with the fact that Kris bears more than a passing resemblance to Elvis—something he readily acknowledges with his trademark good humor.

Plan ahead. Fresh turkeys must be pre-ordered and will be available two days before Thanksgiving.

“We do things the old-fashioned way,” Kris explains. “Times may have changed, but we haven’t changed the way we do business. Customers have been trained to expect less when buying goods and services these days, but we continue to offer more. We provide the best service we possibly can. It’s what we enjoy doing the most.”

It was this determination to bring the family’s special brand of exceptional service to the masses that formed the cornerstone of Kirbie’s Meats when it was founded 26 years ago. While still in college, Kris decided to join his dad in business. And today, several other family members make up a portion of the team that includes three professionally trained butchers as well as chefs and catering staff.

“Our meats are better than those found in chain grocery stores and warehouse clubs— right off the bat,” Kris insists. “All of our beef, chicken and pork is Ohio-grown and is cut fresh daily. It’s of a superior quality in general. We also use our own homemade stuffing in our stuffed chicken breasts and make our own line of marinades right here.”

In fact, you can pick your cut of meat and pair it with your favorite marinade for a totally customized dining experience. They’ll even vacuum pack it for you to seal in the flavor.

“It’s important to know who you’re buying your meat from,” Kris emphasizes. ‘That way you can be sure it’s fresh.” It also means you can order specialty cuts like a three-inch steak if you choose. And because Kirbie’s sales are so brisk, every cut you buy is guaranteed fresh.

“We’ll share with you exactly how to cook your meats, too,” Kris adds. “You’re buying a product from us that isn’t finished. Part of the service we provide is helping you take that product home and cook it to perfection.”

Kirbie’s Meats also offers a wide selection of fresh produce and more than 600 varieties of bottled wines (sold at state minimum) to accent your main dish. The impressive 1,500 square foot wine room is also home to Saturday wine tastings from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. throughout November. “Don’t hesitate to ask us to help you pair your wine choice with your cut of meat,” Kirbie invites. “We love that.”

Don’t want to cook? Full-service catering is still available for Thanksgiving.

For the holidays, Kirbie’s is offering fresh Ohio turkeys to grace your table. But because these birds aren’t frozen, you must place your order in advance. Expect your turkey to arrive two days before Thanksgiving.

Love the idea of a homemade holiday meal but don’t have the time (or the inclination) to pull it off? Kirbie’s Meats offers full-service catering and can whip up a perfectly prepared Thanksgiving meal that includes a freshly roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, real mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, baked candied yams and fresh cranberry orange relish. “Just tell us how many you’ll be expecting,” Kris smiles. “We’ll take care of the rest.”

And now that soup season has arrived, take the chill off with more than 100 varieties of Kirbie’s homemade soups—enough to get you through the bulk of this winter’s snowy days. Although frozen turkeys are for the birds, these soups freeze well, so look for them in the freezer cases, just inside the door when you visit.

Visit Kirbie’s Meats and Catering at 4062 Fishcreek Road in Stow in the Oregon Trails Plaza on the corner of Graham and Fishcreek Roads. To find out more, or to reserve your fresh holiday turkey, call 330-688-4333. Hours are Monday-Saturday from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. And just like in the old days, they are closed on Sundays to spend time with family.


2 Responses to “Make this Thanksgiving… A Cut Above”

  1. Nick says:

    I was wondering about your rates and time frame on pre-ordering fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving?


  2. karl lunghofer says:

    could you brine a fresh turkey for us