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The Perfect Choice

posted by Matt Vincik

I have been a loyal Kirbie’s customer since I moved to Stow back in 2003. Kirbie’s has always been my first choice to help prepare many special dinner’s that my wife and I have shared. Our favorite choices were the huge fresh steaks, a couple twice baked potatoes, and a large container of tomato bacon macaroni which I could practically eat myself. Sure, we could have gone to one of the local grocery chains, but nothing compares to the quality cut of meat you can get at Kirbie’s and the sides are truly gourmet. You can honestly taste the Kirbie’s difference and it is unmatched by any grocery store that I have been to. Writing this article for all of you to read is a challenge in itself as my mouth waters with every keystroke thinking about all of the amazing food I have eaten from Kirbie’s.

Back in June of 2009, I approached Kirbie’s Meats and Catering to cater my wedding reception. Kirbie’s had catered a few events already for my family and I knew that the quality of service and food they offered was top notch. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough, and making my future wife happy was on the top of my list. Little did I know, I was in for another bonus as the reception hall we rented offered additional discounts since we chose Kirbie’s as our caterer. Kirbie’s made the entire process of selecting the menu, tasting the foods, and planning our reception dinner a snap. It was almost effortless and with all the other plans we had to arrange, I was truly thankful that Kirbie’s had everything covered for me.

On the evening of our reception, everything went off without a hitch. I still joke with my friends and family how I swear that they must have been magicians because every time I turned around something was done. Appetizers were out, then they were gone and the main course was ready, dinner was finished and all the plates were cleaned up, the cake was cut, I turn around for a few moments, look back and the cake is fully cut and ready for the guest. I couldn’t believe how efficient and on time they were with every aspect of our plans. As my wife and I walked around to speak with our guests, everyone complimented about the food.

After dinner, Kris Burns personally stopped in and came up to me for a short check to make sure we were satisfied with everything. Of course, I was completely satisfied. While the best man and maid of honor made their speeches, Kris realized what I do for a living. I’m a website designer and also a local business owner here in Stow. After I returned from my honeymoon, Kris had given me a follow-up call about the catering service and then mentioned that Kirbie’s Meats and Catering was in need of a website. I was sincerely honored at his offer to allow us to design the website because I am a loyal customer, I want to see Kirbie’s do very well, and this would allow me to return the favor for making my wedding reception so memorable.

I immediately selected the top members of the Ohio Web Technologies team to go to work. Within one month we met our launch deadline of October 1st and have been working diligently ever since on providing quality updates to the website.

I would like to thank everyone at Kirbie’s for your exceptional products and service, for supporting your local businesses, and for continuing to add value to the Stow Community and Residents. If you have never been to Kirbie‚Äôs Meats in Stow or you are looking for an exceptional catering service you can count on, please stop in or give them a call. I promise you will be impressed.


Matthew J. Vincik
Owner and Business Manager
Ohio Web Technologies

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