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Event Catering

Total number of people attending required 7 days prior to date. Minimum 10 people. 20% deposit on all orders. All prices are per person unless otherwise stated. Prices subject to change.


1.   DELUXE GOURMET TRAY Generous amounts of roast top round of beef, oven-roasted turkey breast, Kirbie's honey-glazed ham, Italian hard salami, combined with Walnut Creek Swiss cheese, Land-O-Lakes American cheese and colorful Co-Jack marble cheese. Includes choice of freshly made potato salad, macaroni salad, or cole slaw, and a mixture of fresh breads and buns. Tray is garnished with black and green olives and includes condiments.......... $5.50 2.   SALAD SUPREME TRAY A flavorful selection of sandwich salads featuring Kirbie's own ham salad, chunky chicken salad, and creamy seafood salad, appetizingly arranged for your enjoyment. Includes choice of potato salad, macaroni salad, or cole slaw. Tray is garnished with fresh vegetables and black or green olives, also includes a variety of light and dark rolls.......... $5.50 3.   JUMBO PARTY SUB Kirbie's starts with a freshly baked four-foot Italian sub bun, then we pile on our own chipped deli ham, lean turkey pastrami, Italian hard salami and provolone cheese. Sub is topped off with sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and zesty Italian sandwich sauce. Serves 20-25 people.......... Whole $60.00 .......... Sliced $65.00 4.   KIRBIE'S CUSTOM BOXED LUNCHES Creative and convenient, our boxed lunches include one cold sandwich, choice of salad (potato, macaroni, or cole slaw), Kirbie s fresh fruit salad, bag of regular or BBQ potato chips, and a square of Ghiradelli premium mint chocolate. Utensils, napkins, and condiments also included.......... $7.00 5.   SAUSAGE AND DOG SELECTION A flavorful variety of German franks, kielbassie franks,and old-fashioned beef dogs, choice of side salad (potato, macaroni, or cole slaw), regular or BBQ potato chips and fresh baked hot dog buns and sausage rolls. Includes condiments -ketchup, yellow mustard, stadium mustard, sweet pickle relish, chopped onion, coney sauce and sauerkraut.......... $6.00 6.   KIRBIE'S HOMEMADE SAUSAGE SANDWICH SELECTION Our own country, Hungarian, sweet, and hot Italian sausages, cooked to juicy perfection. Includes sauteed sweet peppers and onions, baked sweet peppers and onions in tomato sauce, and yellow mustard, choice of side salad (potato, macaroni, or cole slaw), regular or BBQ potato chips.......... $6.00 7.   KIRBIE'S BBQ BEEF OR PORK SANDWICHES Perfect for hearty, meaty sandwiches, choose Kirbie's BBQ beef and/or pork smothered in our own tangy BBQ sauce. Includes choice of side salad (potato, macaroni, or cole slaw), regular or BBQ potato chips, and fresh baked sandwich rolls.......... $6.00 8.   CHUNK MEAT AND CHEESE TRAY Bite-sized chunks of Italian hard salami, Winesburg summer sausage, baby swiss cheese, hot pepper cheese, and Co-Jack marble cheese. Includes toothpicks, and a generous amount of Kirbie s dipping mustard..... $3.50 9.   CREAM CHEESE SPREADS TRAY Choose four of Kirbie's flavorful cream cheese spreads, creatively arranged with a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, wafers, wheat thins, and mini-bagels.......... $4.00 10.   MARINATED VEGETABLE RELISH TRAY A taste-tempting array of kosher dill pickle spears, Italian peppercinis, medium hot Hungarian peppers, black California olives, green Spanish olives, artichoke hearts, and pickled Gardinera vegetable medley. Includes toothpicks..........$3.50 11.    FRESH VEGETABLE RELISH TRAY A generous amount of fresh crispy vegetables (including broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, and more), all arranged around a bowl of creamy ranch dip.......... $2.50 12.    BREAD BOAT WITH DIP Freshly baked Italian bread filled with one of Kirbie's creamy sour cream dips. Includes a generous amount of rye, pumpernickel, and Italian bread cubes for dipping. Serves 10-15 people.......... $20.00 13.   CHILLED SHRIMP BOWL Tender cocktail shrimp, perfectly cooked, chilled and arranged on ice. Bowl is garnished with leaf lettuce and lemon slices. Includes a generous amount of Kirbie's cocktail sauce.......... $5.00


1.   KIRBIE'S PARTY WINGS Fresh Ohio-grown chicken wings, marinated and baked in a flavorful sauce of your choice ..... $2.50
  • Buffalo-The original, order mild, medium, or hot
  • BBQ -Tangy flavor of Kirbie's own BBQ sauce
  • Honey mustard -Flavorful mixture of sweet honey and tangy mustard
  • Terriaki-Mouthwatering oriental flavor and aroma
  • Garlic crusted -Golden coated in a mild garlic breading
2.   KIRBIE'S PARTY TENDERS Fresh boneless chicken breast tenderloins, plump, juicy and tender. Marinated and baked in a flavorful sauce of your choice. Sauce choices same as above wing selection ..... $3.25 3.   GOURMET SAUERKRAUT BALLS Crispy golden brown on the outside, flavorful and moist on the inside, our sauerkraut balls are always a party hit. Includes Kirbie's own cocktail sauce and toothpicks ..... $2.50 4.   COCKTAIL MEATBALL SAMPLER A flavorful variety of Kirbie's own cocktail meatballs, creamy Stroganoff meatballs, Italian meatballs in tomato sauce, and taste- tempting sweet and sour meatballs, each baked in their own sauce ..... $2.50 5.   SAUSAGE TIDBIT SAMPLER Tasty tidbits of Kirbie's own spicy Hungarian, sweet Italian, and spicy Italian sausages, each is baked in your choice of our sweet peppers and onions, or tangy Italian sauce ..... $2.50 6.   KIRBIE'S OWN BBQ PARTY RIBLETS Tangy, meaty, and tender pork riblets are slow-cooked and basted with our own tangy BBQ sauce  ..... $3.50 7.   GOLDEN BROWN SAMPLER A taste-tempting variety of lightly breaded appetizers. Your sampler includes cream cheese-stuffed Jalapeno poppers, batter dipped mushrooms, sauerkraut balls, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, and breaded clam strips. Includes a variety of dipping sauces ..... $4.00 8.   HOMESTYLE PIEROGIES SAMPLER These stuffed pierogies are flavorful and delicious. Sampler includes potato and cheese, sauerkraut, and cottage cheese-stuffed pierogies. Each is cooked, then sauteed with onions until golden brown. Includes sour cream and applesauce for dipping ..... $3.50


1.   HEAT AND SERVE QUESADILLAS Ready for your oven, saute pan or griddle, includes two salsas for dipping. Each quesadilla serves four ..... $12.00 each 2.   SMOKED SALMON PLATTER Four flavors of house smoked salmon accompanied by whipped cream cheese, capers, onions, cucumber, lemon and toast points ..... $7.50 per person 3.   SLICED BEEF TENDERLOIN PLATTER Thinly sliced seasoned beef tenderloin accompanied by sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, crusty half split rolls, herb mayonnaise, horsey sauce and dijon mustard ..... $12.50 per person 4.   HEAT AND SERVE STUFFED MUSHROOMS Sausage and cheddar, seafood or savory herb bread stuffed ..... $3.00 per person 5.   GRAND CHEESE ARRAY A variety of imported and artisinal cheeses accompanied by fruit garnish, crisps and crostinis .... $6.50 per person 6.   STUFFED ARTICHOKE CUPS Tender artichoke bottoms filled with chef's seasonal choice of housemade fillings ..... $4.00 per person 7.   ITALIAN ANTIPASTO PLATTER Italian cheeses, salamis, olives, grilled and marinated vegetables ..... $6.50 per person 8.   TAPENADE PLATTER A variety of house made tapenades, 3-olive, roasted mushroom garlic, roasted tomato herb, garnished with fresh vegetables and served with crisps and crostinis ..... $4.50 per person 9.   HEAT AND SERVE PORK POTSTICKERS Tender crisp pork potstickers served with a ginger teriyaki glaze for dipping ..... $3.00 per person 10.   HEAT AND SERVE TORTILLA FIRECRACKERS Filled with a savory blend of chicken, corn, black bean and cheese, includes 2 salsas for dipping ..... $3.00 per person 11.   HEAT and SERVE CREAM CHEESE BREAD BOATS Serves 10 to 15 people. Choose from our house made favorites: New Yorker, Artichoke Parmesan or Garlic Almond, accompanied by toast points, mini gourmet crackers and toasted baguette rounds ..... $25.00 each


1.   POTATO SALAD, MACARONI SALAD, COLE SLAW Always fresh and creamy, these salad choices are a welcome addition to any meal. Choose one or more salads when ordering ..$1.75 2.   KIRBIE'S ITALIAN STYLE PASTA SALAD Tender cooked rotini pasta is tossed with lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, black California olives, Italian peppercinis, zesty pepperoni, red onion and cherry tomatoes. Coated with our own vinaigrette and freshly grated Parmesan cheese ..... $2.25 3.   GARDEN DINNER SALAD Fresh iceberg lettuce tossed with carrots, split cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage and celery. Includes choice of two side dressings ..... $2.50 4.   KIRBIE'S CREAMY RED BEAN SALAD A creamy and flavorful combination of red beans, kosher dill pickles, sliced celery and onions, all stirred into our own sour cream sauce ..... $2.50 5.   KIRBIE S OWN BAKED BEANS A hearty combination of beans, flavorful sauce, seasonings, and smoked chunks of slab bacon, all mixed together then baked until rich and bubbly ..... $2.50 6.   BAKED IDAHO POTATO U.S. Idaho potato is coated with Kirbie s secret seasoning and baked until crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Potatoes include a generous amount of Schubert sour cream, creamy butter, chopped green onions, and crispy bacon bits ..... $2.50 7.   OVERSTUFFED TWICE BAKES Baked Idaho potatoes, split then mixed with fresh sour cream, onions, cheddar cheese and seasonings, then restuffed and topped with your choice of yellow cheddar and bacon or sharp white New York cheddar, bacon and green onions ..... $3.50 8.   OVEN ROASTED NEW POTATOES New white potatoes are coated with an herbed butter sauce and baked until golden brown ..... $2.50 9.   CHEDDAR BAKED NEW POTATOES New white potatoes baked in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce then topped with shredded cheddar cheese and baked until goldenbrown ..... $2.50 10.   SCALLOPED NEW POTATOES New potatoes baked in a creamy white sauce until thick and golden brown .....$2.50 ..... with ham $3.00 11.   OVEN ROASTED BACON AND ONION POTATOES Flavorful new potatoes combined with bacon bits, onion bits and seasonings, then baked until crispy..... $2.50 12.   KIRBIE'S RICE PILAF A mixture of rices, combined with sliced mushrooms and onions then cooked in a flavorful broth until moist and fluffy ..... $2.50 13.   KIRBIE'S SPANISH RICE A tangy blend of rice, tomatoes, onions, and herbs cooked up moist and fluffy..... $2.50 14.   OVEN-BAKED BREAD STUFFING Flavorful and appetizing, Kirbie s bread stuffing is an old-fashioned side dish that is always a favorite ..... $2.50 15.   VEGETABLE MEDLEY A colorful mix of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots baked in our own herb butter sauce ..... $2.50 16.   HERBED BAKED CARROTS Freshly sliced carrots arc coated in our own Kirbie s secret seasoning and then baked in a butter sauce ..... $2.50 17.   FRENCH BEANS ALMONDINE Delicate French cut beans with sliced mushrooms, sliced onion, and slivered almonds, baked in our herb butter sauce ..... $2.50

18.   FRENCH BEANS IN MUSHROOM SAUCE French beans are combined with a creamy mushroom sauce, topped with French fried onions and baked until rich and golden brown ..... $2.50 19.   KIRBIE'S SAVORY SOUPS Choose from a flavorful variety of soups, chilis, and chowders to add a welcome side dish to any menu. Includes crackers ..... 8 oz cup $2.50 ..... 16 oz cup $3.50 20.   KIRBIE'S GARLIC BREAD Crusty Italian bread is baked, split open, brushed with Kirbie s garlic spread and then baked again until golden brown ..... $1.50 21.   ROLLS AND BUTTER A mixture of fresh baked rolls served with sweet creamy butter ..... $.75


1.   KIRBIE'S TENDER AND JUICY CHICKEN Larger pieces of moist, Ohio-grown chicken, perfectly seasoned and cooked to order ..... per piece $1.50
  • Oven rotisseried -seasoned and rotisseried to golden perfection
  • Pressure fried -moist and juicy, surrounded by Kirbie s crispy breading
  • BBQ -smothered in Kirbie s own BBQ sauce
  • Italian herb-Marinated, seasoned then slow roasted
2.   OVEN ROASTED TURKEY BREAST Lean and moist oven roasted turkey is dinner sliced and baked in a light turkey gravy ..... $4.50 3.   KIRBIE'S BONELESS HONEY GLAZED HAM Fully cooked, lean boneless ham, sliced to your specifications, topped with our honey glaze and then baked in its own juices. Ham is creatively garnished with cherries and pineapple ..... $4.00 4.   SLICED ROAST BEEF Slow roasted tender and juicy round of beef is dinner sliced and served in a beefy au jus ..... $4.50 5.   SLOW ROASTED BEEF BRISKET U.S.D.A. choice lean brisket is marinated and seasoned, slow baked, then is sliced and served in its own juices ..... $5.00 6.   ROTISSERIED BONELESS PRIME RIB The premiere main dish, Kirbie s starts with boneless beef ribeyes, seasons them with our famous Kirbie s secret seasoning, then roasts them in our special rotisserie oven until perfectly cooked to order ..... 8 oz slice $12.00 ..... 12 oz slice $17.00 7.   KIRBIE'S BONELESS STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST SPECIALTIES Choose from a flavorful selection of boneless and skinless Ohio-grown chicken breast generously stuffed then baked in a sauce of your choice ..... $5.50 8.   SLOW BAKED BEEF OR PORK SWISS STEAK Lean cuts of beef or pork, lightly breaded and browned, then baked in a flavorful beef or pork gravy until fork tender ..... $4.00 9.   MUSHROOM SALISBURY STEAK Lean ground sirloin is mixed with mushrooms, onions and special seasonings then shaped into a thick pattie and baked in a rich beef sauce ..... $3.50 10.   SLOW ROASTED BONELESS PORK Lean rounds of pork are marinated, seasoned, then slow rotisseried until tender and juicy. The roast is then dinner sliced and served with a light pork gravy ..... $4.50 11.   KIRBIE'S STUFFED CABBAGE OR PEPPERS IN SAUCE Kirbie's stuffs fresh, crisp cabbage and sweet bell peppers with our own lean mixture of beef, pork and seasonings, then bakes them in a rich tomato sauce ..... $4.50 12.   AWARD-WINNING BEEF OR PORK SLAB RIBS Kirbie's house specialty BBQ ribs are lean and tender. Each slab is seasoned with Kirbie's secret seasoning and is slow rotisseried while being basted with our own BBQ sauce. Ribs are served cut into meaty single rib portions smothered in more sauce .... $5.00 13.   BAKED RIGATONIITALIANO Large rigatonis are cooked until tender, covered in a tangy Italian tomato sauce, topped with provolone and parmesan cheeses, then baked until bubbly and brown ..... $3.50 ..... with meatballs or Italian sausage $4.50 14.   BAKED RIGATONI ALFREDO Large rigatonis are cooked until tender, covered in a creamy Italian Parmesan cheese Sauce, topped with more cheese and baked until bubbly and brown ..... $3.50 ..... with meatballs or Italian sausage ..... $4.50

15.   CREAMY BEEF STROGANOFF Lean cuts of boneless sirloin steak are lightly breaded, browned, then simmered in a rich mushroom stroganoff sauce. Stroganoff is served with your choice of rice or noodles ..... $5.50 16.   KIRBIE'S HOMEMADE MEATLOAF OR HAMLOAF Our lean and flavorful beef and pork meatloaves, or ham, beef and pork hamloaves, are baked in a rich tomato meatloaf sauce or a sweet maple mustard hamloaf sauce. Served dinner sliced in its own special sauce ..... $4.00 17.   CREAMED CHICKEN WITH VEGETABLES Chunks of seasoned boneless chicken and fresh garden vegetables are simmered in a rich chicken gravy. Served with choice of rice, noodles or biscuits..... $4.50


1.   MIXED COOKIES PLATTER 10 flavorful varieties of freshly baked cookies are creatively arranged and ready for your enjoyment ..... $3.00 2.   MIXED DESSERT PLATTER A fresh variety of mini muffins, brownies, cookies, mixed chocolates and fresh fruit. A truly delicious variety of desserts ..... $3.50 3.   FRESH FRUIT PLATTER WITH CHOCOLATES A colorful array of pick of the season fruits, creatively chunked, sliced and arranged with a variety of rich Amish chocolates. Includes our own creamy chilled fruit dip ..... $3.50 4.   FRESH FRUIT SALAD Chunks of fruit combined with a mixture of fresh fruit juices and a rich strawberry glaze ..... $2.50 5.   MIXED CHEESECAKE PLATTER A flavorful selection of freshly baked cheesecakes combined with a colorful array of fresh fruit ..... $3.50


1.   DELIVERY CHARGE ..... $15.00 2.   PAPER GOODS Heavy duty decorative plates, utensils, bowls, dinner napkins, cups and all table coverings ..... $1.25 3.    TABLEWARE Glass tableware and china available upon request ..... Call for current price quotes. 4.   SET UP, SERVE, AND CLEAN UP Our professional catering crew will arrange main table, keep food selections full and free from spills, clear main and guest tables during and immediately following meal, package and seal any extra food selections ..... $5.00 5.   CLOTH TABLE COVERINGS High quality linen skirtings and napkins available in many sizes and colors ..... Call for current price quotes. 6.   CAKE CUTTING AND SERVING Our professional catering crew will carefully cut and arrange on main food table ..... $.75 7.   REUSABLE SERVING UTENSILS ..... each $2.50 8.   DECORATIVE HEATED FOOD SERVERS Food servers and stainless steel serving utensils. Do it yourself and save on the set-up serve and clean up charge when you rent these professional quality food equipment and servers ..... Call for current price quotes.

Holiday Foods

Whole Roast Turkey $4.99 lb. Boneless Rolled Turkey Breast $8.99 lb. Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed Ham $6.99 lb. Unsliced Honey Glazed Ham $5.99 lb. Boneless Rolled Garlic & Rosemary Leg of Lamb $10.99 lb. Bone-In Garlic & Rosemary Leg of Lamb $9.99 lb. Boneless Rolled Prime Rib $14.99 lb. Above prices are based on raw weight.

Side Dishes

Cranberry Orange Relish $1.50 Fall Fruit Relish $2.00 Roasted Autumn Vegetables $3.00 Cranberry and Nut Studded Rice Pilaf $3.00 Creamed Spinach $3.00 Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Candied or Buttered $3.00 Sour Cream Cheddar Potato Bake $2.50 Roasted Yukon Gold and Redskin Potatoes $2.50 Whipped Potatoes with Turkey Gravy $3.50 Sage Sausage Stuffing $3.50 Herbed Bread Stuffing $2.50 Homemade Turkey Gravy $1.50 Cream of Three Mushroom Soup 8oz. $2.00    16oz. $3.00 Wild Rice Chowder 8oz. $2.00    16oz. $3.00 Side dish prices are per person unless stated.


Sides Spinach Cheddar Souffle    $3.00 per person Cauliflower Cheddar Whip    $3.00 per person Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin $3.00 per person Broccoli Cheddar Casserole $3.00 per person Cabbage Au Gratin $3.00 per person Skillet Corn & Bacon Saute $3.00 per person Roasted Redskin Potatoes $3.00 per person Choose from garlic rosemary olive oil or parsley butter Caribbean Blend Vegetables $3.00 per person Scalloped Yukon Gold Potatoes $3.00 per person Sour Cream Cheddar Potato Bake $3.00 per person Mains Chicken Piccata $7.00 per person Chicken Marsala $7.00 per person Chicken Cacciatore $7.00 per person Chicken Divan $7.00 per person Chicken Parmesan $7.00 per person Cabernet Beef Tips and Mushrooms $9.00 per person Beef Pepper Steak $9.00 per person